Believers Baptism

Believers Baptism

How do I get baptised?

Our tradition is that baptism, as we learn about it in the New Testament, is a practice for those who can own faith for themselves. Therefore, we do not baptise infants. In baptism, which is by full immersion, the candidate is asked to affirm their faith in God as creator, redeemer and guide, and to commit themselves to living as a disciple and as part of the Christian community.

We baptise by full immersion, in a pool (Baptistry) , at the front of the church. During a baptismal service  the  candidate and minister go together into the pool. After the questions, the candidate is immersed fully in the water.

Before somebody is baptised, we like to spend some time talking with him or her about what it means, and about why they want to be baptised.


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