Persecuted Church

An Evening As A Persecuted Church

On a dark winter evening the Church gathered for a fellowship meal and a communion service. However, it was not to be a normal service. Instead it was an attempt to experience a little of what life is like for persecuted Christians around the world.

When everyone arrived the Church was locked with closure notices on the doors and a security guard on the door to tell everyone that by order of the state the Church had been shut down. Worshippers were discreetly called over and ushered through an alley into the building and then on to a candlelit room.

Inside they were briefed; if any official came in they were a local gardening society celebrating their successes and were to point to the Walmer In Bloom certificates in the hall as evidence. All worship had to be kept strictly hidden from outsiders.

A hymn sheet was given out with a Hymn on one side to be sung to the tune of ‘English Country Garden’ with the lyrics to that on the other side. Sure enough, as they began the Hymn, the nosey Security Guard turned up and the gathered worshippers flipped their sheets and sang ‘English Country Garden’ without missing a beat. Pastor explained that this was a gardening club and reluctantly, after giving a stern warning, the Guard left.

After the meal the bread and wine for communion were produced from their hiding place in a cupboard. There was a bible reading from a bible that had been cunningly disguised with the dust jacket from a book entitled ‘The Ultimate Problem Solver.’ The communion wine was served in disposable coffee cups.

After the meeting the congregation filed out under the watchful eye of the security guard who warned them not to get involved in any ‘religious nonsense’ that could land them in prison.

Whilst it was different and in some ways amusing, it is deeply sad to realise that this is how many Christians all over the world are forced to meet.

There are more pictures if you follow the link here