Scam Awareness

A Public Awarness Talk

For our fortnightly 'Elevenses With Pastor' we were joined by Martin Dadd, KCC Community Warden and our neighbour Asher Pirt, KCC Community Volunteer Support Warden, for a talk to raise awareness about the dangers posed by scams.  Over three billion pounds was lost to fraud last year.  The criminals can be be sophisticated and believable; we were shown a video where people were unwilling to acknowledge that they were being defrauded, even when confronted with the truth by concerned friends and family.  The talk aslo covered the harassment we receive from phone calls, mail and door to door callers.  Much good advice was given and there was literature to take home.  

If you are having difficulty in any of the above areas the Kent community wardens can help you.  You can get more information here.

Photo: Pastor Seyan introducing Martin (standing) and Asher (seated).